Laser Technique
Corr. far-sightedness

LASIK method
Function: treatment of far-sightedness.
A holmium laser treatment can correct different kinds of visual defects.

The Excimer-Laser-Clinics in Blaubeuren were among the first German institutes to use a excimer laser for treatment of such cases. The excimer laser works by sending a smooth warmth onto the cornea. Its intensive light rays enter the basic tissue outside the pupil area at four or eight points, or a multiple of it. This changes the size and light-refracting properties of the cornea (e.g. after cataract surgery). In cases of presbyopia, the excimer laser produces a sort of minimum near-sightedness, so that it may no longer be necessary to use "reading-glasses" - or at least the need for such glasses is reduced considerably. In many cases, vision is improved after this kind of treatment.

Different laser techniques:
Method, LASIK Method